Guide The Mobile Marketing Revolution: How Your Brand Can Have a One-to-One Conversation with Everyone

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They launched a highly successful contest called "Changing Your City for the Better," and invited anyone from anywhere to create and submit a short video on how technology can improve life in urban areas. The result? Siemens garnered videos from 26 countries and six continents. Imagine the content marketing possibilities with that video library! Document events. Mobile video allows your company to play journalist by documenting events and happenings. Your audience will feel as though they're part of the action, which creates a stronger bond with your brand. Think beyond press conferences and media events to ordinary things like conferences, seminars, workshops, and even meetings.

All of these make great fodder for your audiences. Whether your team members are presenting or just on the sidelines, you can use video to capture your involvement and impressions. Plan ahead. You knew this was coming, right? It's true: Just like every other marketing tactic you execute, your video content must be carefully planned and serve a purpose in your overall strategy to be successful.

One thing to keep in mind is timing. As we'll discuss in our next post, most video applications have strict time limits, so plan exactly what you want to shoot with the precious seconds you have available, especially if you're incorporating multiple shots in one video. Fine-tune your messaging, draft your script, share it with everyone involved in creating your video, figure out wardrobe and organize your props - all ahead of time.

Make it high quality.

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There are certain steps you must take to ensure your blogs , case studies , and webinars are top notch by the time they reach your audience. The same thing goes for video. Just because you're shooting in real time from a mobile device doesn't mean you can get away with sloppy execution - it will be apparent in the final product. Your video quality will improve if you address concerns about shaky or jerky filming a tripod is a great solution , take steps to achieve the best lighting for your shot and reduce the amount of background noise so viewers can focus on your message.

Optimize it. You wouldn't publish other items in your content arsenal without making sure customers and clients can easily find and access it. It's equally important to do the same for videos. Make sure you choose a great title for your video one that includes keywords! When relevant, add the date and location of the video. And be sure to include hash tags, which serve as a great way to reach audiences searching specifically for content related to your area of expertise. Think of them as keywords for app users. Distribute it. As with blogging and other pieces of content, unfortunately, the mantra, " If you build it, they will come, " does not apply.

If you're going to spend time creating a carefully planned video, make sure you take the proper steps to share your content so others can find it. Don't hesitate to repost the videos you create using a mobile app on other properties like your website, blog and other social networking sites.

Be compelling. The best way to make your videos effective is to make them compelling. Once computers have become virtuosic at breaking down the emotional components of our speech, it will be only a matter of time before they can reassemble them into credible performances of, say, empathy.

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Taniya Mishra looks forward to the possibility of such bonds. She fantasizes about a car to which she could rant at the end of the day about everything that had gone wrong—an automobile that is also an active listener. At this point, it will no longer make sense to think of these devices as assistants. They will have become companions. By now, most of us have grasped the dangers of allowing our most private information to be harvested, stored, and sold.

Getting a Handle on the Job to Be Done

We know how facial-recognition technologies have allowed authoritarian governments to spy on their own citizens; how companies disseminate and monetize our browsing habits, whereabouts, social-media interactions; how hackers can break into our home-security systems and nanny cams and steal their data or reprogram them for nefarious ends. Virtual assistants and ever smarter homes able to understand our physical and emotional states will open up new frontiers for mischief making.

But there are subtler effects to consider as well. Take something as innocent-seeming as frictionlessness. To me, it summons up the image of a capitalist prison filled with consumers who have become dreamy captives of their every whim. An image from another Pixar film comes to mind: the giant, babylike humans scooting around their spaceship in Wall-E.

I fear other threats to our psychological well-being. A world populated by armies of sociable assistants could get very crowded. And noisy. And once our electronic servants become emotionally savvy? They could come to wield quite a lot of power over us, and even more over our children. In their subservient, helpful way, these emoting bots could spoil us rotten.

Video Marketing Pearl of the Week- Mobile Marketing in 2016

Programmed to keep the mood light, they might change the subject whenever dangerously intense feelings threaten to emerge, or flatter us in our ugliest moments. How do you program a bot to do the hard work of a true, human confidant, one who knows when what you really need is tough love? Children growing up surrounded by virtual companions might be especially likely to adopt this mass-produced interiority , winding up with a diminished capacity to name and understand their own intuitions.

Like the Echo of Greek myth, the Echo Generation could lose the power of a certain kind of speech. Maybe our assistants will develop inner lives that are richer than ours. And then she leaves him, because human emotions are too limiting for so sophisticated an algorithm. Though he remains lonely, she has taught him to feel, and he begins to entertain the possibility of entering into a romantic relationship with his human neighbor. When you stop and think about it, artificial intelligences are not what you want your children hanging around with all day long. If I have learned anything in my years of therapy, it is that the human psyche defaults to shallowness.

We cling to our denials. What better way to avoid all that unpleasantness than to keep company with emotive entities unencumbered by actual emotions?

They have a way of making themselves known. For months, neighbors passed a 7-year-old girl in the hallway of their apartment building.

Alexa, Should We Trust You?

One day, she was gone. Nikki Haley, the bright hope of Trump-skeptical Republicans, has placed a big bet that the Republican future will be almost as Trump-y as the recent Republican past. Haley numbers among the Republicans most often named as a leader for the post-Trump future. At intervals over the past three years, she has dissented from some of the more bizarre Trump excesses.

Haley left her possibilities open for future decision. The Washington Post today reports that Haley has now decided. In the form of a post-administration book, the former South Carolina governor has placed her chips on Trump. The TV legend possessed an extraordinary understanding of how kids make sense of language.

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For the millions of adults who grew up watching him on public television, Fred Rogers represents the most important human values: respect, compassion, kindness, integrity, humility. He insisted that every word, whether spoken by a person or a puppet, be scrutinized closely, because he knew that children—the preschool-age boys and girls who made up the core of his audience—tend to hear things literally. Anna, Illinois, has a long history of excluding black people.

Where does that leave it today? I got into town just after sunset. So I went in, too. I took a seat at the bar. A man two stools over from me struck up a conversation. I told him I was a journalist from Chicago and asked him to tell me about this town. He just said it. I first met him 21 years ago, and now our relationship is the subject of a new movie. He trusted me when I thought I was untrustworthy, and took an interest in me that went beyond my initial interest in him.