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A perfect recipe for dangerous love. Click here to buy. Payton is in love with her childhood best friend, Kendall, who's swiftly becoming Hollywood's next big celebrity. As far as lesbian romance novels go, this one's a gem. The Lover is a short autofiction novel that takes more time to digest than to read. It's raw, emotionally violent and written in present tense , so it feels like you're right there while the two main characters, a Chinese man and a French teen girl in colonial Vietnam, make forbidden love.

If you haven't already bought into the hype of Sylvia Day's Crossfire series and gotten swept into the intense relationship between Eva and Gideon , you will now. Do yourself a favor and read this book at night during a hot bath with candles lit and rose petals strewn across the floor. Two kids meet for the first time in a hospital and then reunite over and over again over the course of three decades. The reunion sex scenes merge lust with intimate passion so perfectly that it might as well be called love porn.

It is, however, easy to get sucked into the lives of the four lovers in this philosophical book. Milan Kundera often approaches the topic of desire, beauty and longing in a matter-of-fact way, but that doesn't make his characters' affairs any less Pen flees the house of her horrible aunt and cousin, who are trying to get their hands on her fortune. Along the way she meets Sir Richard Wyndham, a dandy and metrosexual who willingly joins her in her adventures.

The ending is almost painfully abrupt — Heyer was known for her abrupt endings — but the entire novel is perfection. Lejeune is the one who comes closest. Her novels are just as clean, just as funny, and very nearly as witty. He, in turn, decides to humiliate her back by making her fall in love with him.

Neither of their plans goes off without a hitch.

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Amanda, still a spinster at age 30, throws caution to the wind and decides to embark upon an affair with Jack Devlin. Should she really have mixed business with pleasure? Spoiler alert: the answer is yes, because Jack is delicious. Hoyt writes a lot of beautiful, deeply emotional historical romances, but the tender relationship between the characters in this one is definitely her best. Widow Silence Hollingbrook might not have a husband, but she does have a child. Lady Margaret Dalrymple is the only daughter of the ailing Duke of Parford.

Ash has a score to settle with the duke, but he keeps getting distracted by the lovely servant girl he sees around the house…. Dare has long been a household name when it comes to the regency romance, but this one is by far her best. The banter between the protagonists is second to none, and their romance is sweet as sugar. Bookish, science-obsessed spinster Minerva Highwood needs to be in Edinburgh for a geology symposium.

Meanwhile, the rakish Colin, Lord Payne has decided to accompany her out of purely altruistic motives. And also a very small desire to see her naked. Six-foot-tall Lydia Grenville is a passionate campaigner for social justice. I love every single thing about this book. Or Chuck Tingle doesn't give a shit, and has a blast making money not giving a shit.

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One of the two. Apparently, the heterosexual extinct mammal crowd lacks the passion of the homoerotic dino crowd, but this short story is ranked higher in its Kindle category than many self-published MFA Masters Thesis assignments, so that makes it worth discussing. This is the story of a girl who, after losing faith in love, finds acceptance and hardcore sex in the furry embrace of a mini-mammoth. That seems like a self-contradictory statement The mini-mammoth may not appear to be the ideal lover for a human lover, but wait until you see its trunk-and I'm talking about both the caboose and the giant snout the mammoth uses to bring dirty food off the ground into its mouth.

Let's be honest, though. If Discovery Channel has taught me anything, it's that the mammoth used its trunk to blow very loud mating calls that sounded slightly like an off-key French Horn.

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This is one erotic Kindle eBook you need in your collection. Or, you know, avoid at all costs because this kind of stuff is a little insane. You ever hear of Search Engine Optimization?

1. 'Unravel Me' By Tahereh Mafi

It's a process where, by including a lot of key words, you can push your material higher up in search engine rankings, thus allowing more people to access your work. So we got shifters - which are people who turn into animals. I guess if you want to be seduced by an animal, why not make it an intelligent creature of near-human intelligence? I guess Who am I kidding?

Download PDF Naked Strangers (3 Erotic Novellas)

This is ridiculous. What the hell were they thinking? Honestly, this work feels cynical. It feels like it was written by someone who was hoping to cash in on the strange erotic crowd, threw together a bunch of random ideas, and now just hoped that the kinky would gather to this work because it had everything. In my travels through Erotic Kindle Land, have I developed Tiers of acceptance and understanding for this frontier of weird bestiality and erotic lightning shocks? I miss the days of Chuck Tingle. Oh, how long ago it seemed that he was showing me T-Rex boning and Mile High Club meetings with an airplane.

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I would like to point out that this is part one of a five part series. About bareback mounting unicorns.

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And no saddle is required. I feel oddly underwhelmed by the promise of unicorn sex by this point. What does that say about this project that a five-part novella series about unicorns having sex almost doesn't phase me? And, honestly, it probably isn't phasing you. Have we gone too far? Is this Never did I think the day would come where alien tentacle erotica sounds Nevertheless, this erotic Kindle eBook is in the Top horror erotica stories, so it must be successful.

Even if no one reviewed it--I'm starting to regret the thing where I tried to put goofy comments from the reviews throughout these entries. The plot is straight-up 50 Shades of Gray material. Our virginal heroine meets her boss, who happens to be into weird things.

However, unlike Grey, who is a straight-up abusive monster, our heroine's boss Surprisingly, this novel draws from a historical precedent of tentacle porn. It is has a long history, dating back to the classic Japanese woodcarving "The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife," before becoming more mainstream following the anime Legend of the Overfiend. Of course, one key thing about both of those is that they were supposed to be horrifying and grotesque. Not sexy. Not erotic. Are you guys serious?

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