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He won 8 games, drew 3 games, and lost no games. The event was held from August 21 through August Reuben Fine won the event. The event was held in Syracuse, New York. Reinfeld scored Isaac Kashdan, playing in the New York State Championship for the first time, won the event with 7 wins and 1 draw.

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In March , Fred Reinfeld failed to qualify for the 1st U. Denker and Weaver Adams qualified. Reinfeld drew with both qualifiers in their individual games. He took 4th place in one of the section qualifiers and failed to make it into the finals, which took the first three places in the section qualifier Kashdan, Denker, and Kupchik.

In March , Reinfeld qualified for the 2nd U.

Championship Tournament in New York after winning his section with a score. After missing qualification by a half point in the two previous years, Reinfeld finally qualified.

Why Chess Is Still the Best Hobby

In the U. Championship, Reinfeld tied for 12thth place. The event was won by Reshevsky. Reinfeld drew with Reshevsky in their encounter. He fell for a mate in one and twice put pieces en prise in simple positions.

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Reinfeld blamed his poor standing due to outside work during the tournament, making concentration difficult. At the time, he was contributing to The Chess Review, completing one chess book, and preparing for a new chess book. In , Reinfeld advertised chess lessons for 25 cents at his home in the Bronx and was willing to answer personal problems of sponsors.

In , Reinfeld took 9thth place in the Marshall Chess Club Championship with only 1 win, 2 losses, and 7 draws.

His win was against Frank Marshall. He won 6 games, drew 6 games, and lost no games.

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He started out with 5 wins and 1 draw in the first 6 games. In the s, Reinfeld ran an ad in Chess Correspondence magazine offering to annotate any chess game for a dollar. In the s and s, Reinfeld was the only American who had a plus score against Reshevsky.

How Not to Play Chess by Eugene Znosko-Borovsky

Reinfeld beat Reshevsky twice and had three draws and no losses. Reinfeld took 8thth place in the 3rd U. Championship with1 win, 2 losses, and 13 draws. The tournament was won by Reshevsky. Reinfeld drew his game with Reshevsky in their individual encounter. Reinfeld preserved his record as the only player to in the Ventnor City tournaments without the loss of a single game. Reinfeld won 6 games, drew 4 games, and lost no games. He appeared on the cover of the February issue of Chess Review with Bernstein. Reinfeld stopped playing competitive chess by the end of and concentrated writing chess articles and books.

He abandoned tournament chess because it was impossible to earn a living at it. In , Reinfeld had a finished manuscript called Dr. In the s, the Brooklyn Public Library listed over books on chess alone, authored by Reinfeld. Many of them were duplicated, stapled sheets of paper, which he peddled from bookstore to bookstore during the Great Depression. Because of his phenomenal memory and writing ability, he was able to write most of his manuscripts directly from rough notes instead of having to prepare a preliminary draft. His editors seldom revised more than a few words. Boehm, who used the pseudonym Robert V.

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How Not to Play Chess (Dover Chess)

Benko and Hochberg. Sep 5, Nov 2, Oct 28, Winning chess tactics but in my language, it is translated, so I don't know if it is exacly the same as the "official one" 3. Endgame strategy 4. The giants of chess strategy 5. Build up your chess 1, the fundamentals And some other books in Greek, as well as some that I have borrowed from my friends.

So, you guys you have a lot of books, can you suggest my a nice book on tactics in this thread? Nov 29, Dec 1, I have a quite a few. I am not going to buy any more until I have read the ones I do have. That was nice reading roughly about so many books! But I want to add a few remarks : 1.

Dec 2, Why is Chess Awesome? In a Nutshell Why is chess still the best hobby? It is a game of analytical thinking that improves cognitive function, can be engaged in by all ages, does not require significant investment, has been refined over thousands of years, is recognized and played the world over, and which boasts an impressive, internationally connected support structure consisting of enthusiastic players, reputable and well-organized groups, instructors, and a wealth of instructional materials available in every informational medium.

You could not hope to find a more well-organized, widespread, or enthusiastically embraced pastime, not if you spent a lifetime looking. In the Middle Ages and during the Read More. On one level it looks kind of like Something that Search for:.