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GA in NJ just has no atmosphere. Maybe its outdated, I just can't put my finger on it. They debut the new Joker Coaster.

Good park, bad day to go. - Knott's Berry Farm

I went on it and it was just alright. I went to Geat Adventute for a family fun day, 16 of us in total. We knew it would be pricey, but honestly it is outrageous. Any "savings" is only to be had when you buy online. The Flash pass is bought once you have paid admission. I personally saw quite a few angry patrons at the flash pass area once you realize if you really want to avoid lines, then you basically shell out an additional admission price.

Everything here is massively expensive. The kids of course had a blast because their kids and all they have to do is ride and scream. Then it happened, we went on the Houdini Great Escape, an indoor illusion ride. You sway but dont acrually go anywhere. My friend didnt want his wifes purse with all their valuables sitting in an unattended basket outside the ride.

The staff birrated him over the announcement system and told him he was even rude in church. People who were witness to this were shocked that staff would allowed to speak to paying customers like this. My friend explained the bag was secured to his body and nothing was liable to fall out.

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The staff continued to call him names. Ultimately, he didnt ride and had to wait for his wife to conclude the ride because she was strapped in and unable to leave with him.

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I think not. Also, why dont they have a low price for adults who dont do rides but would like to share the day with those who do? I've rode Coasters and been to numerous parks, and of the big chain parks this is easily the ugliest, dumpy park I've been to. The southwest territory section by El Toro is pretty nice but other than that, it's dirty and ugly. Alot of the Coasters are clones from other parks and not even that good.

This is the most overrated park I've ever seen. Id never go back. If you like coasters, they have the best ones on this planet!

Five Ways to Have a Bad Day at an Amusement Park

I've been to many amusement parks, so I can say that as an experienced rollercoaster rider. Get there at least a half of an hour before park opening time, and be one of the first ones in and head for the ride you want to ride most first. May I recommend that you begin with one of the two best roller coasters there, El Toro or Nitro. The Park will get busy, but this system will probably give you 2 or 3 headliners before lines become a problem. They have a great log flume ride and a water rapids ride, but if your are not a rollercoaster rider - you'll get board rather quickly.

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  4. This park is huge and has a great deal of rides and much more to do. The park also has small number of rides for little kids also to keep them engaged. Flights Holiday Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Profile Sign in. Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers. A bad day at the park - Six Flags Great Adventure. Six Flags Great Adventure. Route , Jackson, NJ Review Highlights.

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    A bad day at the park. Review of Six Flags Great Adventure. Date of experience: May See all 3, reviews. Related to items you viewed. Six Flags Safari. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.

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    Jackson Premium Outlets. Howling Woods Farm. Grounds For Sculpture. Reviews 3, Write a review. Timmy is a year-old boy, skipping his violin lessons for a fun day on the Midway amusement park. He wanders around the Midway, chats with other characters and generally marvels at everything - and this is his only objective: to walk around and gaze in amazement. He is a kind spirited child and knows no fear of contact. Because of his innocence, he is the only character that is safe from all threats within the game. He is the only character that cannot be killed by the game's script itself, only by the player's carelessness see here.

    Because her husband Ike, the current owner of the Midway, is in a coma, Dixie is the manager of the small amusement park and she's running all operations. Clearly, she's in over her head and the Midway is going downhill fast. She wanders around the Midway, talking to other characters. In her heart she always wanted to be a country singer and even submitted some demo tapes. Later in the game, she encounters the IRS Man and her objective changes to search for the missing taxes of the previous five years. Dagmar is a tattooed showgirl who is always seen with her two dobermans Huck and Chuck.

    Past encounters with men trying to abuse her have made her appreciate dogs more than humans, and her body is covered in dog tattoos. In her show she teases men to be her next tattoo if they are on par with her dogs. When playing Dagmar, the game's clock will slow down noticably see here at "Interface and Basics". Her objective if you even want to call it that is to promote her show on the Midway. She does not feature her own ending, as her ending is included in one of the IRS Man's endings.

    Being the most unliked character by everyone else in the game and according to the manual, having been mobbed at school a lot , Otto is the operator of the Racing Rat game. He stutters noticably and has been blackmailing Dixie to get his Rat Racing booth upgraded. He dies in every playthrough, no matter which choices the player makes, and therefore does not have his own ending. We soon find out, that someone kills people on the Midway - it's Ted, a psychotic killer. Inspired by his father's collection of butterflies which can be found in his room and his bad childhood, he believes that most people are ugly, and ugly things must be disposed of.

    He does not talk to anyone except Timmy and most other characters are creeped out by Ted, who is the son of Lottie the Human Log.