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As we sat by his silent form, I began to hope that he would recover quickly. When the doctor spoke to us his words brought renewed horror. I felt like a spectator in a made-for-TV drama, seeming to detach from my own body. Then I crashed back to the gut-wrenching reality of what was being said.

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As preparations were made to take him to the specialist hospital, we sought advice on whether we should take our little girls to say goodbye, possibly forever. Our six-year-old walked past medical equipment, and tenderly kissed her brother.

My parents also bravely kissed him goodbye, holding back a torrent of emotions in order to support us. The consultant risked her job by saying that she would pray for us. As his Mum there was nothing more that I could do, and he was taken from us. We followed in our car, with our younger daughter chattering away, oblivious to the gravity of the situation and insisting on happy music which we have been unable to listen to since.

How my husband drove those two hours that day, I will never know! When brought out of the sedation he was soon smiling, and even joking with the nurses. On the surface our story seems to have a happy ending bur the reality is more complex. Thrust immediately into the role of carers, there was no opportunity to adjust to the traumatic diagnosis.

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In those early days, there was an overwhelming amount to learn before we could bring him home, a new language and routine, and most vital of all, life-sustaining insulin to administer. We have lived nearly 10 years with the chronic sorrow of Type 1. My career, happily put on hold when my babies were born, has never resumed. Instead I have undertaken menial, part-time employment which pays little but gives the flexibility to attend countless hospital appointments. My 40s have given way to my 50s with what feels like a lost decade. I have endured the highest level of anxiety with my mind reacting to events with the worse possible case scenario.

A family counselor, a therapist, or a palliative care specialist can also help you process and deal with the emotions and stages of grief. Finding and joining a local support group can also help.

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Griefline Community and Family Services Inc. Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement is a non-profit organisation founded in January BeyondBlue was formed in helps the public deal with issues of depression, anxiety, and suicide.

SANE Help Centre is a National Freecall and online service providing information, guidance, and referral on mental illness and related issues. This helps you to reflect upon your emotions and the events surrounding the loss of a loved one. Have a good cry and try not bottle up emotions, causing them to spill uncontrollably over later on.

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Writing helps you process your thoughts by seeing a physical translation of your emotions how you felt after losing a loved one. You can even record the old happy memories shared with the deceased. Writing can help you see your progress through time, both good and bad days. When the longing overwhelms you, flip through the pages of your diary or journal and it can help reassure you.

It may be difficult at first, but try to get back into your daily routine: meal, bed, and waking times. Includes information, advice, education, training, information for schools, a youth website link and a bereavement service directory. An organisation that assists in the development and delivery of services in the areas of change, loss and grief, especially in school environments. An information resource on death-related grief for the community and for professionals. US An internet community of persons dealing with grief, death and major loss.

UK UK-based charity that offers support and information to children and their families when someone dies. Their website has resources and activities to better support children and teens grieving a death. An organisation that aims to facilitate and improve the community's awareness to loss and grief issues and increase the capacity to effectively respond to loss and grief including bereavement.

Bereavement: Reactions, Consequences, and Care.

A specialist centre in childhood bereavement. Provides services for children, young people and their families. Also provides education and training services to professionals. Provides bereavement support services for anyone affected by the sudden and unexpected death of a child. VIC An organisation that provides community-based support for parentally-bereaved children.