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In early while working underground as a blaster on ERPM gold mine in Boksburg, Greg Latter was called up for a three-month army camp in Angola, and there was no getting out of it. The truth is, he was actually keen to go. This story is about those three months, told from the day he received his call-up telegram Miguel Mitras weaves a story of friendships, human vulnerability and navigating through emotions that come at you. In this candid account of trucking through Mozambique in , you might even find a little laugh bubbling out as you read Your wishlist has been temporarily saved.

Please Log in to save it permanently. Thursday, November 14, Show 24 12 24 48 All. Out Of Stock! We will notify you when this product becomes available. Availability Date:. Add to Wishlist. Diary of Operation Savannah - Paul J. Els R The Fearful Master - G. Anyone needing information about specific cases please email me at a. The term "genocide" was coined by legal scholar Raphael Lemkin in , writing:. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national group s, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves.

The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups , and the destruction of personal security, liberty, health, dignity and lives of the members of such groups Whites killed Jesus" Out of a zillion flats how did he find mine on the third floor, I wail — how did he pass the peppermint veil I moan, why me, why me?

To live in fear forever. The next time he looks at me with that cheesy smile and slips away, I lose it. Spray the bloody Doom, toss the entire bottle of peppermint and sprinkle cumin on the floor. I am a bad person. But if I say I miss him… More disturbing was my becoming the woman on the chair, afraid of a mouse. Why, why, why? If ever there is a good time to be sporting bloodshot eyes thanks to medication side effects, it would be when you leave your homeland. People know it is a sad moment and immediately ascribe your ruby sockets to sadness as opposed to something terribly infectious or even the result of staring too long into several glasses of claret.

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By Linda Scott Smith If ever there is a good time to be sporting bloodshot eyes thanks to medication side effects, it would be when you leave your homeland. The preceding weeks consisted of packing, cleaning, sorting and selling. As the pressure built of the move, not the eyes , aided by the paint fumes from some last. So, to the doctor we went and soon returned with oodles of cortisone. Initially it boosted all energy levels so that Speedy Gonzalez would have struggled to keep up, but as it started petering out, the pressure converted to the eyeballs and… Voila!

Welcome red eyes! Not only were the peepers tinted, but also dry and convincingly close to the point of popping. Each morning was spent prying them open slowly.

The eyelids were also pretty puffy — if those two. Then there was the matter of the podgy fingers. No ring could fit those little sausages, yet again the result of cortisone as opposed to the hours of scrubbing and polishing floors not food. Being a sucker for torture, the brilliant decision to have a haircut pops into the obviously foggy head.

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This would be the first proper cut and blow in years and the strange little bleached hairdresser promises to only lop off a few centimetres. Taking advantage of the closed eyes, she seems to be sending a lot of locks floor wards. Eventually the do is complete and the eyes are opened, squinting at the bright light and the stranger staring back from the mirror. On Carnivals and Gardens South Africa is awesome for some things, and other places are awesome for others.

And even more so for those of us who are thinking about leaving or thinking about coming home or have come home already or never want to see South Africa and Mrs Balls chutney again. To employ a metaphor, Sweden is like a magnificently manicured garden full of beautiful flowers. There are water fountains, comfortable places to sit and good things to eat. People speak politely in muted tones and the air smells of freshly. You are safe and you are secure. You are also walled in.

For some people, the walls are a small price to pay for all that comfort. Why would you need to leave when everything is right there at your fingertips?

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South Africa is more like a huge, gaudy amusement park where nobody has checked the safely standards of the equipment in a long time. But, damn that ride is fun. And it seems to go on forever. And everyone is smiling as they go around and around, and life is uncontained and openended and there are no barriers and the possibilities are endless. And I can understand why people choose the manicured garden.

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But the amusement park has a wildness which can be quite irresistible. Because you might fall off, but you also might not, and in the interim you are having such a damn good time. South Africa is awesome for some things, and other places are awesome for others. From his small, warm apartment in the suburbs he read to me my chart, and then out of the blue not knowing I was leaving he said something interesting and surprising.

I never feel this way in South Africa. But mostly I love the chaos and the freedom it affords. And that, if the mood takes you, you can fly right up to the sky. In addition to the transfer fees applicable to a transaction, a currency exchange rate set by MoneyGram or its agent will be applied. MoneyGram is available at 44 Debenhams locations via the money travel bureau. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. MoneyGram and the Globe are trademarks of MoneyGram.

All rights reserved.

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A number of new kids on the music block dominate the major categories — with some familiar favourites also creeping into the running. Previous SAMA winners The Parlotones have made it clear that they have no intention of slowing down any time soon by securing nominations across four categories. Another fiercely contested category is Duo or Group of the Year, in which electronic trio GoodLuck and Afropop duo Mafikizolo vie for glory with veteran rockers The Parlotones and newbies Gangs of Ballet, as well as house favourites Mi Casa.

Kay also gamely steps up to the plate to compete with her more established counterparts in the Female Artist of the Year category: Judith Sephuma, Rebecca, Zahara and Dear Reader. He will be slugging it out with breakthrough singersongwriters Connell Cruise and Matthew Mole, as well as more seasoned campaigners Vusi Mahlasela and Kabomo. We are extremely proud to be sharing our year milestone with the birth of the new South Africa as a nation.

If this sounds like your kind of holiday look no further than Vienna. Not only is Vienna one of the most liveable cities in the world, it is also one of the most beautiful, and very deliberately so. The Habsburgs, who ruled over most of Europe for many centuries, called Vienna home and they liked to make their presence known, felt, and remembered.

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You get a real sense of the gritty underbelly of Vienna in the years immediately following World War II, as portrayed in the film of the same name. The museum features photographs, artifacts, and original scripts from the film, which was a huge box office success of its time, and starred Orson Welles, The film created great controversy when it was screened in Vienna, and was shut down after only a short run.

This being the case, the museum was unable to gain government funding and is privately owned, allowing it to maintain its historical accuracy. It opens for the public between pm every Saturday, or you can book a private group tour throughout the week. Museum mad While the Third Man museum shows the alternative Vienna most locals would like to keep buried, there are plenty of other museums they love to boast about.

One in. Since then it has undergone numerous restorations but the magnificent architecture from its inception remains. It is centrally located on the Ringstrabe — which roughly translates to Ring Road — and can be easily accessed via the Ring Tram, which will also take you around the city and to all of the other noteworthy sites.

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The train system in Vienna is quite simple. The main lines you will catch are the S-Bahn and the U-Bahn, however if you are staying in the city, most tourist destinations are within a half hour walk. Public transport is convenient and relatively affordable however, and if you were there only for a weekend trip, it would be the better option. A single ticket on any train, tram or bus costs 2 Euros.